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SKU: CLK001 -stk-clkS3_00007756 Sticks Art Clock CLK001

Sticks Art Clock CLK001
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  • SKU: CLK001 -stk-clkS3_00007756 Sticks Art Clock CLK001

  • $3,783.50


This classic Grandfather Clock is a unique- hand crafted item made from the finest materials- combining traditional- rustic imagery with colorful- vibrant colors such as: red- blue- purple- green- yellow and of course- brown. The colors are specifically tempered so that they appear natural and vivid at the same time. The clock is set at the top of the item having two empty shelves beneath- while the images on the rest of the piece depict rural scenes such as: a house- trees- a bottle of wine and grapes- and open field- flowers and different creative patterns. There are a couple of positive messages hand written on the timepiece: one of them is found right at the top and it reads The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time- along with Accept change- Go places- Wonder- Ask questions- Know love- Dream big- Make the time sweet- Cherish family- Be creative- Have an opinion- Seek knowledge- Find peace- Relish the night.

Size:10.5"D 17"W 79"H