Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Sticks Art Clock CLK014

Code: stk-clkS3_00010860

Price: $1,989.50


This colorful hand crafted wall clock is a great choice for you or your children's bedroom! It features a main image showing a couple of animals surrounded by nature- in this case - a dog- a cat- a rabbit and also a blue bird. Contouring this image there are dark blue roman numerals set on a lighter blue background- while the outer layer of the wall clock depicts images of different patterns- flowers- leaves and heart symbols. The imagery is very diverse and features different earthly tones of brown and yellow- along with green- red and also pink. For an even warmer and more positive feeling you can read the message spread across the piece: Create- Be thankful- Cherish family- Love animals- Laugh a lot- Share- Give- Dream big- Be a friend- See the world- Good conversation- Good friends- Good food- Believe- Grow a garden.

Size:36" Wide