Floral Mandala Tall Bookcase

Floral Mandala Tall Bookcase

Code: stk-furniture-floral-mandala-tall-bookcase

Price: $1,959.00


Elegant and modern, A deep maroon fades into an orangey pink in an ombre effect on the side two panels of this bookcase. Bright flowers in blues, pinks, and purples with vibrant green leaves trail up the sides. Golden yellow trim along the top has the following words carved in: "Be Inspired", "Life is Sweet" and "Follow Your Heart". The inside of the bookcase has a dark stain, making the decorative painting and words on the edge of each shelf really stand out: Partake, Believe, Laugh a Lot and Dream. Your books will be quite happy on these shelves!

dimensions 10.5"d 18"W 70"H