Seize The Day Blue Flowers Ottoman Chair

Seize The Day Blue Flowers Ottoman Chair

Code: stk-seize-the-day-blue-flowers-ottoman-chair

Price: $4,646.00


Elegant and quite colorful, this ottoman chair can easily find its place in every home. Used just as a comfortable chair or as an interior decor accessory, this piece will certainly stand out in any room. The flowers and the optimistic messages will bring color even for the simplest rooms.

This piece of art looks rather simple at a first sight and yet beautiful giving that special touch in a nonconformist or wooden type of room. On the front of the chair you can see a combination of purple and blue flowers with an inspirational quote: Live life to the fullest, while on the back there is a wonderful landscape representing the day and the night. The times of the day are first expressed by the sun, the moon, and the optimistic messages at the end: Seize the day and Relish the night, and also by the beautiful forest, the hills, and the color mixture.