So Many Reasons To Read Chair

So Many Reasons To Read Chair

Code: stk-there-are-so-many-reasons-to-read-chair

Price: $3,381.00


It is not just a chair, but the perfect chair for reading. With its cushioned backrest and seat, plus the wide arm support, you have comfort at its best. Reading was never this good! Besides, even if you just use it for relaxation, this adorable chair will add a special touch to your room design. With a 28 inch diameter youll have more than just space and comfort.

The artist painted the moon, the star, the sun, the book, two hearts, and the flower in the perfect combination of colors to give you a positive feeling. The chair is an encouragement to start reading more books. As you can see on the back of it, there is the painting of a girl reading a book, then you have the suggestive messages There are so many reasons to read and Seek knowledge & wisdom, and the padding of the chair to give you the comfort you need while reading.