Turquoise and River Stone Mesquite Lazy Susan

Turquoise and River Stone Mesquite Lazy Susan

Code: tre3_riverstone_turq_lazy_susan

Price: $350.00

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These exquisite lazy susans are an unbelievable addtion to any space- your kitchen, dining room or living room spaces. Handmade from Arizona mesquite wood, each lazy susan is inlayed with both river stone and turquoise. Each piece is unique and fills the natural cracks and imperfections of the mesquite wood with the most beautiful stones and turquoise. Set on a turn table that moves silently and smoothly. 

The perfect house warming or wedding gift for a loved one. They will surely cherish their gifted lazy susans for years to come.

Available in 14 inches, 16 inches or 18 inches. Each lazy susan will differ slightly from the photos shown above as each is handmade and unique- just like you and I!