Pewter Four Leaf Clover Token Coin Charm

Pewter Four Leaf Clover Token Coin Charm

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Price: $1.25

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You will never know how lucky you are, until you keep pewter pocket four leaf clover tokens on hand. Slide a few in your pocket or purse. Think of them as a way to stay lucky, witty and smart. Take a four leaf clover token out of your pocket and give it away. You will find you are paid back many times over.

  • The pewter feels warm and smooth, these clovers will make you smile whenever you touch them.
  • They will transfer that smile to anyone who receives one.
  • Sizes vary from 1/2 inch to just over 1 inch. Dimensions go from about 1/4 x 1/2 to 1/2 x 1.
  • Each four leaf clover coin is handcast in antique pewter.
  • Do you keep a variety of greeting cards on hand? Get enough pewter pocket clover tokens to put one in each. They are thin enough to put in wedding invitations or added to any greeting card.

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