Blue Forest Vase in Cubes & Rectangles- Size Options

Blue Forest Vase in Cubes & Rectangles- Size Options

Code: wel1_cube_flat_blueforest

Price: $85.00

Cube, Rectangle & Size Options:

Imagine a crisp fall day after a heavy frost- everything is vivid with oranges, browns and yellows but the frost has left a dazzling blue sparkle over everything. This is what Mary Melinda's Forest in Blue series makes us think of. All of Mary Melinda's vases are based on photos or scenes she has seen in real life. She then uses the vase as canvas to depict these scenes.

These Mary Melinda vases in the cube and rectangle style come in several different sizes. The cube comes in a small, medium, and large. The rectangle comes in a medium and also medium square version as well. From left to right in the photo above you can see a medium rectangle, a medium cube, the medium square, and then the small cube.

In the cube the small measures 2 inches wide and 4 inches tall, the medium measures 5.75 inches tall, and the large measures 10 inches tall.

In the rectangle/square style the rectangle measures 4.25 inches tall and the square measures 4.24 inches tall.