Moss Forest in Fishbowl- Size Options

Moss Forest in Fishbowl- Size Options

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Size Options:

Mary Melidna has created another variation of her beautiful Forest Vase- this time creating something out of a fairy tale! With greens as her palette, Mary Melinda made Forest in Moss as a gorgeous recreation of the forests of the Pacific Northwest and the forests we have right here in Northern Vermont! We think that this beautiful art vase speaks to many people because many people can relate to it's striking beauty. Where does it remind you of?

All of Mary Melinda's vases are based on photos or scenes she has seen in real life. She then uses the vase as canvas to depict these scenes.

These Mary Melinda vases in the fishbowl style come in three different sizes. You can see the medium in the photo above. The small is 3.5 inches tall, the medium is 5 inches tall, the large is 7 inches tall.