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SKU: 422318 Evensong Print - Last in Series

Evensong Print - Last in Series
Purchase Evensong Print - Last in Series
  • SKU: 422318 Evensong Print - Last in Series

  • $450.00
William Hays | Evensong - Last Print in Series of 44 (1 Framed in Stock)

Evensong by William H. Hays is a 4-color linoleum block print that and is the last one in an edition of 44. 

"Every morning I take my dog for a long walk beside the Connecticut River in Vermont. In winter it can be quite still and lovely. As the sun begins to rise over the mountains the sky can gradually become a beautiful spectrum of colors against which the trees are silhouetted. One morning there was an owl that took its place there and inspired this image. An open lead of water in the iced-over river provides a distant dash of color in the muted tones of the winter dawn. There were four separate impressions made to construct the print but the first impression alone is done with four different colors." ~ William Hays
  • Measures: Framed 18"h x 22"w
Please contact us if you wish to see a photo of the framed print.