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If you know Stephen Fishman, you probably know that he loves coffee. He roasts his own beans. He has an espresso machine in the basement of the Stowe Craft Gallery and often makes cappuccinos and espresso for staff and visitors. You might not have known that Stephen also likes Tequila (it magically gives you no hangover, right?). So, it’s no surprise that Stephen has a killer margarita recipe that is perfect for Cinco De Mayo festivities.

Fill a few of Stowe Craft Gallery’s porcelain crystal glazed goblets or in one of our recycled colored glassware pieces with this quick margarita recipe. Each of our goblets can hold 2-4 drinks- perfect for sharing during Cinco De Mayo

Ingredients and Supplies Needed

1750-milliliter bottle of 100% agave silver tequila (this is the most important ingredient- the better the tequila the better the margarita)

1-2 cups of Cointreau

1 1/4 cups of freshly squeezed lime juice.

Coarse, kosher-type salt for rimming glasses

Lots of ice

Porcelain Crystal Glazed Goblet

Cocktail Shaker


1. Chill the goblets or glasses of your choice you will use by filling with ice and cold water. Set aside.

2. Just before serving in a half-gallon pitcher combine the tequila with 1 cup of Cointreau and 1 cup of lime juice. Add more Cointreau to taste if you like more of a sweet orange flavor. Remember that the mixture is still warm and undiluted; once it is chilled the flavors will be more mellow and the tartness of lime more luxurious.

3. Now pour the rest of the lime juice onto a small plate to moisten the rims of the margarita goblets. Pour course sale onto another for salting the rims of the goblets.

4. When you are ready to drink up, dump out the ice and water mixture from the now chilled margarita goblets. Moisten the rims with the lime juice set aside and then salt the rims with the salt set aside.

5. With a cocktail shaker (usually holds two drinks at a time) fill with 2/3 margarita mix and top with ice. Secure the cocktail shaker’s lid and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Pour into salted margarita goblets and enjoy!  Yields up to 20 drinks 




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