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Kitchen + Dining Accesories & More!

Unique handcrafted kitchen accessories made in America in small studios using interesting materials.

Kitchen and dinning accessories, pottery and more

Looking for the perfect gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life?

Cooking Gifts Selection Guide

  • Think Quality! Forget those 'must-have' infomercial gadgets and cooking gift items you see in every box store. When it comes to special gifts for cooking, get something long lasting & unique. Cook gifts like this quality not only mean you thought about the chef, it also makes cooking easier and tons more fun!
  • Handmade kitchen gifts are made with quality materials and finished with attention to the details that will bring out a smile every time they are used.
  • Think Unique! Unless you have the inside scoop about what your cook has on their gift list, make sure you think outside the box to purchase a unique gift for the person. Listen to the things your cook is interested in. There may be a related handmade cook gift right here.
  • The handcrafted gifts for cooks here at Stowe Craft are all unique tools and decorative kitchen designs. Each is from an artists who design & make these kitchen gifts in their own small studios.
  • Consider handmade gifts for the kitchen: Handmade presents are unique, useful and nice to hold and display.
  • All our gift ideas for the kitchen are made in America and guaranteed by us at Stowe Craft Gallery in Vermont.