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.925Suneera - Fine Jewelry

Simple, bold, versatile jewelry by a mother-daughter design team Suneera & Ana Swarup.

A Passion for Lines & Textures

Suneera and Ana Swarup are the newest fine jewelry artisans featured at our jewelry store. As a woman-owned business ourselves, we love the opportunity to showcase this artisan jewelry family! Their passion for bold lines and textured patterns strongly informs their design philosophy. The result? Simple yet stunning jewelry for women that men love to wear, too. In fact, we’ll have more of their men’s jewelry to show you soon!

Fine Metals & Ethically Sourced Diamonds

Suneera has designed fine gold jewelry for over 20 years and her daughter Ana joined her in 2017. They are the sole designers and creators of the jewelry you see here. They call their mother-daughter jewelry “.925Suneera” because sterling silver is .925% pure silver.

They source ethically mined diamonds and reclaimed or recycled gold and silver as much as they can. The jewelry is made of sterling silver plated with blach rhodium or 18 karat gold. Their earring wires are solid 14k gold.

"You could say we design to flatter, not to overwhelm." ~ Suneera & Ana Swarup

Simple, Bold, Versatile Styles

The unisex style is one of the draws of their designs - their jewelry can be worn by or gifted to men and women alike. Their designs have a “quietly androgynous aesthetic.” Simple, bold and versatile styles that compliment men or women.

Caring for your .925Suneera Jewelry

All pieces are carefully handcrafted and require simple maintenance to stay in top condition:
  • Simply clean with a soft microfiber cloth or brush gently to avoid scratching
  • Keep jewelry away from extreme heat, moisture and high humidity
  • Apply perfume and other sprays before putting jewelry on
  • Remove jewelry prior to showering, exercising, swimming or washing hands
  • Avoid commercial at-home cleaning chemicals, silver polish, dip style cleaning, baking soda, toothpaste, acetone and bleach