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Art Prints with a Story

Browse over 50 original Brian Andreas prints at our Stowe art gallery and find a curated collection of our customers’ favorites right here online. Each colorful art print features a spirit person sharing a brief story about things like love, friendship and the joy of being alive. Each is available as a print or framed and ready to hang.

From Story to Vibrant, Luminous Art Print

Brian Andreas starts with a handwritten story, creates a spirit to tell it and finishes with colorful gouache watercolors in his unique style. Gouache adds an opaque fluidity to his ethereal figures. The spirit people in his drawings appear to float mid-air in billowing colorful apparel. These characters tell the story and have gentle facial expressions. Brian signs the original print and digitally reproduces it in his own studio.

Fresh New Stories Art and Name Changes

Brian Andreas says he has a “real quirky view of the world”, a long history of storytelling, making art, and now has a new studio and a new name. We carried his art and books for 20 + years while we were Stowe Craft Gallery and his studio was “StoryPeople”.

Brian Andreas still exists but only as his pen name. Now, he writes and designs artwork under his new name, Kai Skye. He also has a brand new studio: Flying Edna. Here are a few of his most popular stories:

Being Together: “I don't know who we'll become in the days ahead. I only know the quiet voice in my heart that says we'll become it together.”

True North: “One of the things I love best is how much laughter we find together, no matter which direction we go…”

Best Life: “You never forget the exact moment you stop waiting for everyone else to have their best life before you go off to find yours.”