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Kate Maller Sustainable Fine Jewelry

Kate Maller Jewelry- jewelry that aligns with your principles of protecting people and the planet.

Kate Maller Jewelry believes in protecting people and the planet. They also believe in good design. That's why they do things a little differently. We love this about Kate's work!

Kate Maller, the mastermind behind Kate Maller Jewelry, has a longstanding passion for environmental and social justice. These principles have shaped her commitment to sustainability. Kate's architectural background has afforded her an eye for detail, an affinity for experimentation, and a sensibility for craftsmanship.

All pieces are handcrafted from high quality 18k recycled gold and recycled Argentium silver. Kate sources conflict free and fair trade diamonds. Additionally, all of our diamond melee (small accent diamonds) is 100% reclaimed. In addition to sustainable material sourcing Kate is committed to implementing business practices that reduce harmful impacts to the environment. Kate Maller Jewelry is proud to support, and be a member of Ethical Metalsmiths. They are always looking for ways to improve our sustainable business practices.

Currently Kate Maller Jewelry uses the following sustainable initiatives and practices:

- Recycled Argentium silver
- Fairmined + recycled gold
- 100% conflict free + fair trade diamonds
- 100% Reclaimed diamond melee
- Materials sourced from local + US owned businesses
- Recycled + recyclable packaging
- Eco-friendly printing practices
- Non-toxic studio chemicals, whenever possible
- Recycling + composting at our studio

Each and every piece is handcrafted in Kate's studio in Denver, Colorado. Kate's love for the environment extends into her design practice. Her work is organic in its process and aesthetic, as she is continuously inspired by the world around her. Reflecting and taking cues from the imperfections found in nature, her work aims to reveal the allure of organic forms and textures. The curious formations she creates are a translation and celebration of the raw beauty she sees and admires in the landscape. Kate is trained as a designer, and a metalsmith. Holding masters degrees in architecture and landscape architecture, she attributes her design sensibilities and passion for the environment to her formal training.

Kate began metalsmithing while in graduate school, and instantly fell in love with the tactile process of making she discovered. After several years working in the field of architecture, she decided to expand her metalsmithing training with over 500 hours of full-time, hands-on training at Creative Side Jewelry Academy in Austin, TX.

Originally from Connecticut, Kate has lived in Colorado for over ten years. She currently lives in Denver with her husband, Scott Maller, and their beloved australian shepherds, Takoda Winklematten Maller + Gwindel Bear Maller.