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About Loyalty Rewards

Join Our Loyalty Rewards Program

You will earn $10.00 for every $200 you spend shopping at Remarkable Things and Home.

Your shopping will support and inspire artisans making their own products, in their own studios, putting their hearts into each piece they make.

Simply create an account with your name and email while shopping here online or in 1 of our stores. This website and our 2 brick and mortar stores in Stowe are now connected. So you should only need to create one account and use the same email in each location.

To use your points when shopping at Remarkable Things or Home in Stowe, just let us know you’d like to use your Loyalty Rewards at check out. When shopping online at, log into your account to see, earn, or use your rewards. Once logged in, you can see your points balance by clicking the “Points Page” link located at the bottom right of the footer on all our website pages. .

Your rewards are not available instantly after you shop. Please allow us 2 weeks to generate the rewards, calculate any remaining shopping balances, and update the results in your web and store accounts  

Other Details

Loyalty rewards and points cannot be sold, transferred, or shared.

Shipping costs, products discounted over 15%, taxes, loyalty dollars used, and purchasing gift cards do not count as purchases when we calculate rewards. But please note: Purchasing stock items with a gift card will count toward rewards.

Rewards do expire if not used within 24 months of the date issued.

If you have any questions or comments, we definitely would like to hear from you: Just use our Contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.