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Loyalty Points Terms

Earning Points:

To start earning Loyalty Points first create a StoweCraft account here. You will start earning points automatically with each purchase made while logged into your account. If you've already earned points before creating an account your points will be available for use after we process & create your account.

Purchases made online or in store will earn points. Each $200 spent (Shipping not included) will earn you 10 loyalty points that can be redeemed for future purchases. Points are earned cumulatively, meaning if you make a purchase of $190, you'll only need to make an additional $10 purchase to earn your full 10 loyalty points.

Loyalty points can be spent while shopping at Remarkable Things and Remarkable Home: 1 loyalty point = $1 off your purchase. If you make a purchase that earns points your account will reflect your updated point balance after the transaction is processed. To check your points balance, visit our points page.

Using Points:

To use your Loyalty Points, simply select the 'loyalty points' payment option at check-out. If you have earned enough points to cover the full price of the purchase you will be able to complete your transaction using only points. 

If your available point balance does not cover the full price, you can select 'partial payment' option to pay the remaining balance with a different payment method.


Returned purchases are ineligible for earning Loyalty Points. If you make a purchase that earns points and subsequently return that purchase, the corresponding amount of points will be deducted from your account. 

Gift Cards:

Purchasing a gift card will not accrue loyalty points, however purchases made with gift cards will accrue points

Other Info:

Loyalty Points cannot be sold, transferred, or shared. For additional questions not covered here, please submit through our Contact us page.