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Handmade Coffee Mugs & Cups

Handmade Mugs

"There’s no comparison drinking morning coffee out of a handmade mug. It’s just a different experience. It’s an intimate connection." Paul Ray

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs

We carry a growing selection of Handcrafted Mugs from artists across the country, from Mugs made locally here in Stowe, Vermont, to Seagrove, North Carolina - the pottery hub of the 1700s.

Eric Hendrick & Noelle VanHendrick

At Zpots Pottery, Vermont locals Eric and Noelle have been creating unique ceramic pottery for over 20 years. Zpots utilizes the natural curvature of the clay as it develops, no two Zpots mugs are alike. The hills and valleys of each one provides a unique drinking experience, there are many comfortable orientations to hold the mugs. At Remarkable Things we have a massive selection of Zpots mugs available in multiple styles. Zpots feature words & images of empowerment and positivity, hoping to change the world through love. Zpots focus on sustainability, using electric Kilns and renewable energy to power them.

Bonnie Richter

Bonnie's handmade stoneware pottery includes mountain and birch tree motifs on bowls, mugs, plates, platters and tumblers. Bonnie's mugs feature blue-green glazes bringing her vision of the Northern Lights to life. The glazing used creates a smooth glossy texture on the handle that feels wonderful to hold. Each piece is something to behold and reminiscent of our deep connections to the natural world.

David Ernster

David crafts his pieces from clay and porcelain, this gives each piece an elegant yet rustic style. David's birch tree design is one of our most popular mugs & is specially designed with Remarkable Things in mind! Find unique Ernster pieces you won't see elsewhere in our online craft store!