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Sergio Lub Copper Bracelets

Energetic bracelets that make you look good and feel better.

Copper and Magnetic Bracelets for Health

Many people believe that wearing copper on the body can have a healing effect - easing arthritis pain and improving skin elasticity

Copper Alloys

These beautiful bracelets are made with copper and copper alloys. Alloys are mixtures of metals. The golden color in Sergio Lub's bracelets is jeweler's brass, an alloy of 85% pure copper and 15% zinc. The silver color is German silver, an alloy of 65% copper combined with 35% zinc and nickel. The copper color is, naturally, 100% pure copper!

Bracelet Care

Sergio Lub recommends simply showering in your bracelet to keep it clean. His bracelets are intended to age gracefully with you as you wear them. Since the bracelets are made from solid metals, any scratches should be able to be buffed away with a polishing cloth.