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SKU: VARIANTS Timbuktu Bracelet
Timbuktu Bracelet
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  • SKU: VARIANTS Timbuktu Bracelet

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Sergio Lub | Timbuktu Bracelet

Sergio Lub created the Timbuktu Magnetic Bracelet based on an experience he had trading bracelets om Bamako, Mali. Sergio met a Tuarag camel caravan leader as he was crossing the Sahara from Timbuktu. With no shared language, he pointed to the man's bracelet while showing his own, their metals forging a wordless connection. They traded and went their own ways, aglow in universal brotherhood.

The timbuktu bracelet is made of German silver, jewelers' brass and pure copper, with a brushed satin finish. Available in a size medium or large, magnetic or non-magnetic. Find Your Size