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Sticks Handmade Wooden Mirror Collection

Sticks Mirrors

Ideas for hanging Sticks Mirrors

Entries, rooms that lack natural light, and small spaces can be a great place for any Sticks mirror in our catalog.

Entryways and mudrooms represent an opportunity to introduce yourself to your guests at first glance. A Sticks mirror placed here will highlight your personality.

Mirrors reflect light in dark rooms. The bright designs of Sticks mirrors create even more luminosity in dark places.

Small spaces appear bigger due to reflections from mirrors. A small, decorative mirror in an enclosed kitchen or bedroom will open up the whole room.

Functional Art

All the mirrors in our Sticks catalog are painted art pieces, so why not display them as such? Try placing multiple Sticks mirrors on the same wall, grouped in a visually-pleasing way. For variety, you could mix in some of our Sticks wall plaques as well.