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Hammock Chairs

Cobble Mountain & Magnolia Casual Swing Chairs

Cobble Mountain Hammock Chairs

Handmade in Vermont with a solid oak frame.

  • Adjusts from upright chair to sleeping hammock
  • Adjusts to any height in seconds.
  • Each hanging chair-hammock includes a head pillow and a seat cushion, hanging hardware (for up to a 9 foot hanging point) and footrest.
  • Instructions included and telephone and e-mail support available from us 7 days a week.

Vermont Furniture Makers Nancy & Gordon Kittridge

Cobble Mountain Hammock Chairs are made here in Vermont by Nancy & Gordon Kittridge

The hammock chair seat is woven with soft, durable and weather-resistant white cotton/polyester blend rope.

The hammock chairs are an original, made-in-Vermont design. They are truly unique and unsurpassed in comfort and versatility.

How to Change Height of Porch Swing Chairs

The oak adjusting blocks provide virtually unlimited reclining options. You can adjust your swing chair quickly from chair style to hammock style or from one height to another. Each hanging chair has 4 ropes, 1 at each "corner" of the chair. To raise or lower front or back:

  1. Lift up the rope to remove weight from the oak block and
  2. Pull the rope up or down through the block.
  3. This gives you complete control of the height of the chair from the ground as well as the angle of the chair.

The double chair has the added functionality of an innovative seating system that independently supports each user.

Care for Your Swing

Use a hose and a bucket of warm soapy water (laundry soap) along with a little bit of bleach. Soak the chair with the hose and pour on the some of the soapy water. Use a soft scrub brush to gently loosen the dirt. Try not to disturb the weave pattern while cleaning. Thoroughly rinse with clean water and hang in direct sunlight to dry.

WARNING Do not use a pressure washer!

The wood frame can be touched up, after the chair is dry, with regular furniture oil. Use a soft, clean cloth and carefully rub the oil onto the frame.

To clean pillows in general, light spot cleaning or washing by hand is best, hang to dry. Never machine-wash or machine-dry. Need replacement pillows? We offer replacement pillow sets in either the natural cotton or dark green outdoor fabric. Contact us if you need to order new pillows.

Magnolia Casual Swing Chairs

Magnolia casual swing chairs are an extremely comfortable & versatile chair. They're designed to hang both indoors & outdoors. These chairs can easily be mounted to a tree or surdy porch beam.

Each Magnolia Casual hammock chair is created from 100% polyester, but are made to feel like natural cotton. This allows each swing to be very durable when setup outside while still remaining soft and comfortable.

Each swing set comes with a seat pillow & back pillow. Fabrics are mildew & fade resistant. Each chair also comes with a convienent canvas carrying bag in the style of the chair, making for convienent and sylish transportation.