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Ed Levin Silver + Gold Jewelry

Ed Levin Silver and Gold Jewelry


Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft features a large selection of Ed Levin Jewelry. Custom orders are also welcome. Ed Levin jewelry is created with comfort and effortless elegance in mind. Ed Levin has had over 60 years of experience designing unique, infinitely wearable and lovable jewelry. Although Ed has been gone for a few years, many of the company's employees have been with Ed Levin Jewelry for many years and the company stays true to Ed's original vision and unique style while carrying his legacy into the future.

Many Ed Levin styles have endured in their popularity from the early days of the company 60 years ago while others are brand new. Don't hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or special order requests!


Most sterling and gold jewelry can be cleaned with a soft cotton rag or a polishing cloth. When more aggressive cleaning may be necessary, especially with textured jewelry, we've found that heating the piece by dipping it in hot tap water, and then scrubbing with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, baking soda or a non-abrasive silver polish will remove most tarnish and dirt.

Jewelry with pearls or soft stones (carnelian, lapis, malachite, opal, onyx) requires special care. Use only the softest cloth and wipe gently, and never use harsh cleaning solutions or chemicals.

To prevent damage and reduce the need for cleaning, keep all jewelry, (especially pearls and soft stones) away from household cleaners and hair care products. Chlorine bleach found in hot tubs and swimming pools can be especially harmful and will immediately tarnish most sterling and damage soft stones.

Protect and organize your jewelry with a beautiful handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box.