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Artisan Printed | Sincerely, Sticks

Sincerely, Sticks - printed, lower priced Sticks art, lazy susans, and decor.

Sincerely, Sticks pieces are printed directly onto the wood using high tech digital processing. This saves you money without sacrificing quality. At Remarkable Things, we display our collection of printed Sincerely, Sticks separate from handmade Sticks because it is so hard to tell them apart except by looking at the price tags.

Materials and Process - Printed Sincerely, Sticks

  1. A high resolution photograph is taken of a large handmade Sticks piece.
  2. The digitally image is sent to a special printing machine. (High tech, high quality printers like this sell for $25,000 - $85,000
  3. Wooden pieces - the same wood we use for the handmade Sticks pieces- are fed through the printer.
  4. The printer sprays and blends ink directly onto the surface of the wood, creating an near perfect copy of the original handmade piece.
  5. After drying, multiple coats of the same protective sealant used on handmade Sticks are applied. So, printed Sticks just as durable as our original, handmade products.

The end result: Sincerely, printed sticks,looks like it is a handmade original but without the artistic labor involved. You won't feel the etched lines on the surface, but it is really hard to tell a printed piece from an etched, handpainted one. The paint strokes and wood grain you see are actually ink!

A few other differences you may be intested to know:
The price of Sincerely, Sticks is distinctly lower than the same handmade Sticks piece,
The size of some Sincerely pieces is slightly smaller,
and Sincerely pieces cannot be customized.

Care Instructions for Sincerely, Printed Sticks:

If you know our handmade Sticks pieces, the care is exactly the same. They are made to standup to everyday use and are made with the same wood and preserved with the same durable polyurethane used on our handmade items.
Wipe with soft cloth and warm, soapy water to clean. No abrasive cleaners, brushes, or pads, please.
Avoid letting cleaning agents or moisture sitting on your pieces after cleaning. In other words, wipe dry and no soaking
Sincerely, Sticks pieces are not high-heat-resistant so avoid contact with high heat. Use hot pads under hot or cold items and use coasters under drinking glasses.
One last thing, avoid exposing your pieces to prolonged times in direct sunlight. The sealant does not protect from UV and sunlight can fade your piece.