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Artisan Printed Sticks

Sincerely, Sticks - printed, lower priced Sticks art, lazy susans, and decor.

Sincerely, Sticks pieces are printed directly onto the wood using high tech digital processing. This saves you money without sacrificing quality. At Remarkable Things, we display printed Sincerely, Sticks separate from handmade Sticks because it is so hard to tell them apart.

More Details about How Printed Sincerely, Sticks differs from Handmade Sticks

  1. First, an original handmade Sticks piece is made with wood burned lines and hand painted colors. It has the etched lines you can feel and the brush strokes you can see.
  2. Then a high resolution photograph is made of that handmade Sticks piece.
  3. Next that photo is digitally touched up and sent to a special printing machine.
  4. Wooden pieces are fed through the printer which lays printer ink directly onto the surface of the wood.
  5. Just like Sticks handmade pieces, the printed piece is sprayed with multiple coats of protective sealant to make it just as durable as the handmade products.

So because we've pulled designs from handmade Sticks originals, it looks the same but without the artistic labor involved. You won't feel the etched lines up close, but if you take a couple of steps back, you won't even notice. The paint strokes and wood grain you see is actually ink!

A few other differences you may be intested to know: The price of Sincerely, Sticks is distinctltly lower than the same handmade Sticks piece, the size of some Sincerely pieces is slighly smaller, and Sincerely pieces cannot be customized.

Care Instructions for Sincerely, Sticks:

Wipe with soft cloth and warm water to clean. Non-abrasive soap may be used as well. Sincerely, Sticks pieces are not high-heat-resistant and are not suggested for use with hot bowls and dishes. Please be sure to cover with a pot holder if you are placing hot items on your Sincerely, Sticks lazy susan, plaque or other piece.