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House Chickens

Grab one before they fly the coop!

Love the absurdity of chickens but don't want to work a coop? These faux-feathered friends are exactly what you need! Each plush house chicken has her own personality. And she can't wait to keep you company! Need cuddles and hugs? A dance partner? A partner in crimefighting? There's surely a chicken for you!

Welcome to the hen party!

Each plush house chicken is handmade in the New Hampshire woods by thisbirdsabsurd artist Jennifer Diggs. She has been drawing, painting, and sewing all her life. Nature and her own flock of chickens are a major inspiration to her. When the first plush house chicken came into the world, it was a gift for her friend. That bird was so absurd, Jennifer couldn't stop at just one. And neither will you!

Plush chickens are larger than life size and made from luxuriously soft faux fur and polyester stuffing.