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Handmade Sticks Plaques

These Handmade Sticks Plaques are staff favorites and are most popular with our customers! Order from the affordable array below or contact us for a custom design personal to you. Either way, they are some of the most affordable gifts made by the Sticks art studio. Each wood plaque is .5" thick and is hand drawn, painted, etched and stained by a team of Sticks artists. They are available as 7" or 10" squares, and larger sizes for custom work are available, too. Each one has a keyhole slot on the back, making it ready to hang on a small nail or screw.

Customize Your Own Handmade Sticks Plaque

Email us at to get the conversation started. We love helping our customers design something unique!

Available Now

Visit Handmade Sticks Plaques Available Now to see what's in stock, available now and ready to ship.