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Sticks Handmade Lazy Susans by Theme

We have organized our best lazy susan ideas into 4 design themes for easier browsing: Food & Drink, Landscape, Abstract, and Floral design themes. There are 100s to choose from. If you order any of the ones you see here, please allow 2-3 weeks for it to be made for you. We also have lazy susans in stock, ready to ship or pick-up

Sticks hand painted wood lazy susans

Customize Any Lazy Susan

Personalizing your own lazy susan is an exciting journey. Browse our collection for ideas, share them with our team, and let our creative Sticks artists do their magic! We have 20+ years' experience working closely with our customers on Sticks custom designs of all kinds. You can reach out to us directly right now or learn more on our page: Customize or Personalize Any Sticks Art Piece.

Every sticks piece is made in the heartland of the USA in Des Moines, Iowa.