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Over 25 Different Tree Sculptures

Browse through our diverse collection of over 25 different wire tree sculptures. Randy and Barb Adams sculpt each tree one at a time for us in their Vermont home workshop. Come see the full collection on display at our two art galleries in Stowe Village. Or browse the entire collection right here in our online sculpture gallery.

Sculpture with a Twist

Each of Randy Adam’s tree sculptures begin with a long spool of copper or aluminum wire. Each piece is individually cut, twisted, and shaped by hand to create the twisted wire art you see here. Randy handpicks Vermont slate and embeds the free-standing wire sculptures inside the stand, signs each base, and seals the slate to prevent damage.

Customers are Naturally Drawn to Randy's Trees

We’ve collaborated with Randy for a long time and it’s always intriguing to see our customer’s reactions to his sculptures. We worked with him to create one of his biggest pieces - a 10-foot tall windblown aluminum tree that was then planted in the ground. It was amazing! And, the sculptures you see here and in our gallery are just as eye catching. Our customers are instantly drawn to them for their interesting shapes, natural beauty and reverence each tree possesses. They make a wonderful conversation piece!

Vermont’s Historic Slate Valley

Randy gets his slate from the historic Vermont Slate Valley which stretches 24 miles along the southwestern border. Vermont is one of four states where substantial amounts of slate were formed 400 million years ago.

Two Styles, Three Sizes, Plus Custom Trees

Randy creates two styles of indoor tree sculpture: One is 3D wall art that hangs on a wall with 1 - 3 tiny hooks or finishing nails. The other style grows out of a slate base and sits on a table or pedestal.

The trees are made in three different colorways: natural silver, natural copper, and painted black.

There are three standard sizes: Small (8x10x3), Medium (10x13x3) and Large (11x15x3). The wall mounted sculptures are 2” taller and half as deep. Larger versions, knotted elm trees, and hanging trees are also available in very limited quantities or by custom made to order. The process of twisting and bending makes these sizes always approximate.