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Sticks Handmade Furniture, Lazy Susans, Plaques and More!

Shop our ever-changing collection of items that are hand drawn, etched, stained and painted by our popular Sticks artists.

Sticks Handmade In Stock

Sticks Creative Process

Every piece by Sticks is handcrafted in their Des Moines, Iowa studio. From the initial sketch to the final piece, the artist considers the sizing, colors and story. Sketches are woodburned on birch, driftwood, or poplar for their light backgrounds. The wood is stained as needed and paints are custom blended for unique and rich tones. Finally, the entire piece is coated in a low VOC water-based polyurethane for protection.

This process can be applied to any custom creation you have in mind. Sound interesting? It is! Learn how to Customize or Personalize Any Sticks Art Piece.