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Jamie Kole Designer Jewelry

Jewelry that has a unique ethereal sparkle and soft femininity.

Jamie Kole Jewelry

In her current collection Jamie Kole features 2 styles. One has vintage French Metal Lace as her focal point, reviving these spun treasures with a fresh and current sensibility. The other is her sparkly collection with sparkly crystals inside ad out

She innovated techniques to preserve and protect these rare textiles from the 1920's, ensuring their beauty and integrity will be upheld for generations to come.

Each piece is handmade by the artist in the tradition of timeless craftsmanship with meticulous care paid to every detail. Semi-precious gemstones and tiny Swarovski crystal elements frame each piece, expressing Kole's signature style of ethereal sparkle and femininity.

At a recent visit we asked Jamie how she describes her stye? She told us "I would describe my style as ethereal femininity - pretty and magical. There is a strong vintage element inherent in all of my collections, which has been a part of my personal style since my late teens. Growing up, I dressed in vintage clothing and adorned myself in antique accessories. My designs are clean and balanced as well, driven by my Parsons School of Design education and my work as a designer and innovator of new products and packaging in the cosmetics industry."