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Wine Caddy Sculptures

Wine Caddies : Great Gifts for Wine Lovers

They are decorative, functional and appreciated even by those "hard to buy for" people.

Each of our metal wine bottle holders is a caricature of people involved in their sports, hobbies, business and professions. They are a unique gift for anyone who loves wine. As a housewarming gift, try pairing a wine caddy with a bottle of wine. If your friends are not wine lovers, you can of course use sparkling water, juice - anything that is wine bottle size.

Gunter Scholz - H & K Steel Sculptures

Sculptor-metal designer Gunter Scholz has shaped and welded these steel and copper wine bottle holders in an ever increasing variety of themes. At Stowe Craft Galery we carried his nut & bolt sculptures for many years before these fun metal sculptures burst onto the scene. His studio in Germany is known as H & K Steel Sculptures.

Wine caddies display a single bottle of wine on your table. Each caddy has a unique base that holds the wine bottle and an intersting head that sits on top of the wine bottle.

Each is hand-crafted one at a time. Steel and copper is bent, cut, welded, brushed and lacquered to make these functional, artistic, whimsical, caricatures of people and their passions.  

You can ask us to customize your metal sculpture. We have added Names, Dates,Events, Player Numbers, even Logos for a long lasting functional trophy, award or gift. Contact us for ideas about Celebrating any sport, hobby, season or profession with a fun wine bottle holder.

The wine caddies do not include the wine bottle. This means they ship very safely. The metal base, by the way, can also be used to hold sparkling water, soda, juice, Tequila, Gin etc. There is even one made just to hold the square Jack Daniels bottles.