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Jon Olsen Vermont Photography

Discover Vermont through the eyes of fine-art photographer Jon Olsen. Browse his photographs of serene Vermont landscapes, buildings, wildlife, and nature. Simple compositions that exude quiet, stillness, and calm.

The Serenity of Vermont

Jon has been practicing photography since his junior high days, with over 50 years of experience, he is truly a master of his craft. While Jon’s style isn't bound to any specific subject, the majority of his work focuses on landscape photography, capturing the serene rolling hills, mountains, and valleys of Vermont. He has been exhibited & appreciated in various art galleries across the country since 1983.

Olsen’s Way of Finding Images

We love Jon’s method for finding subjects for his photography, as he says “I generally consider my images to be more found than created.” This gives each piece a very natural look. Jon’s fine art photography allows one to experience the feeling of discovering a beautiful landscape with every viewing.

Visually Unique

At first glance, Jon’s photographs of Vermont landscapes, architecture, and scenery could be mistaken for watercolor paintings. Many visitors to our Remarkable Things art gallery believe that they are. Jon’s photos are printed onto watercolor paper. Photos are then offset in matting for a unique soft white look reminiscent of winter in Vermont. This process gives each print their signature watercolor-esque aesthetic.

Archival Print Quality

Jon transitioned to a process of digital recording, processing and printing which allows him greater control over all aspects of his workflow, from concept to final print. His fine art photographs are printed upon 100% cotton rag watercolor paper specially coated for ink pigments. The result is the best print quality and a highly stable archival quality print. The high quality glass in his frames virtually eliminates all reflections and filters UV rays up to 70%, rendering crystal clear images.