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Sticks Handmade Lazy Susans

These lazy susans are handmade by our popular Sticks artists. They are on hand at both our craft gallery and sister store, Remarkable Home, and are ready to ship to you.

Sticks Handmade Lazy Susan Catalog

Browse our Sticks Handmade Lazy Susan Collection for ones that you may custom order. You'll find a large collection of Beer & Wine, Landcape, Abstract, Food, Floral and Animal themed lazy susans with great photos and descriptions to make it fun and easy to choose.

Personalize Your Own Sticks Lazy Susan

If you see a lazy susan you like but wish you could make a change, contact us! Personalizing your very own Sticks Lazy Susan in a way that speaks to you and your family is a fun and exciting process. We have 15+ years of experience working closely with our customers and our popular Sticks artists on custom orders. Start the journey by browsing this catalog and Sticks Handmade Lazy Susans In Stock for ideas, make a wish list and learn how to Customize or Personalize Any Sticks Art Piece.

All Sticks pieces are finely crafted from birch, poplar and driftwood. Their pieces are further designed with hand drawn imagery, etched contouring and vibrantly blended paint. Pieces can be embellished with 3-D wood components, metal, leather and fabric. Their line is constantly evolving due to the imagination and expertise of their design team and the many talented craft artisans that they employ.

Every Sticks piece is handcrafted within their award-winning design studio is Des Moines, Iowa - Made in the U.S.A.