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Made in Vermont

Each item in our "Made in Vermont" collection is an original design, crafted by a Vermont artist in their small studio. You can feel the artist's passion for their pieces, a little heart and soul goes into every detail.

Handmade by Local Vermont Artists & Crafters

When you take home a piece of Vermont made art or craft your purchase supports a Vermont artist and a way of life. Not only are the pieces handmade in Vermont, they are new and original designs. The work is not "farmed out" to be made by others. Vermont made products seen at Remarkable Things are all made by Vermont artists/designers in their own small studios.

You can feel the artist's heart and soul in each piece. Be it jewelry, candle votives, photographs, paintings or woodcuts of your favorite Vermont scenes or even a hammock swing . . . you will see and feel the artist's attention to detail!

But the magic does not end there. As a handmade piece is used and lived with, it changes. It may be just a small daily pleasure, but its value increases with time. In our throw away world, these are the pieces destined to become your heirlooms and keepsakes. As they are handed down, they become infused with both the artist's vision and your fond memories.