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Henry Bergeson

Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes

  • Bergeson uses select hardwoods like Bubinga and Maple for his kaleidoscopes
  • Unique, smooth turning object chambers filled with interesting parts and pieces
  • Lots of attention to kaleidoscope details like internal lights

Henry Bergeson's Biography

During his youth, Henry developed a love for things mechanical. He took his love and ability to a new level with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1987, business slowed down in the Northeast, Henry lost his engineering job and moved west. "It's all led up to this." Says Bergeson looking out over the Colorado mountaintops from his kaleidoscope studio.

Each piece offers a unique, unsurpassed visual sensation that will delight both young and old. They are an absolute pleasure to use and are superbly crafted to last a lifetime. All Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes are handcrafted of fine hardwoods with polished brass fittings and ultra-fine object cases. In your hand, the curves and fine finish make them a sensual pleasure to hold.

Selecting Kaleidoscopes

Would you like to help finding the best kaleidoscope for yourself or for a special gift? Let us help! We enjoy exploring scopes with visitors in the shop and online.

Whether you are a first time kaleidoscope shopper or a seasoned collector, we can help you to find the kaleidoscope perfect for you. If we don't have it, one of our kaleidoscope artist friends will usually be willing to make one for you.

We also have kits and books to bring you further down the kaleidoscope path.

There is always something new about kaleidoscopes. Color therapy kaleidoscopes are one of our special discoveries. Who knew that looking through a kaleidoscope could be so good for your mental health!