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The selection of handmade artisan jewelry available online and in our Stowe, Vermont Jewelry Store is designed and individually handcrafted by skilled and dedicated American jewelry artists.

Jewelry at Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft

Artisan Jewelry Handmade in America.

All Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft jewelry is handcrafted by each artist one at a time, often made to order for us. Although automated factories make almost all the jewelry you see in typical jewelry stores, there are still artisans in America putting their heart and soul into their very own unique jewelry designs.

Why does this artisan jewelry look so different?

  • Our jewelry artists create their own designs
  • Materials and components are made or selected by the artist
  • Then the jewelry artist, sometimes their helpers, craft the jewelry by hand in their own studio
  • It is made in the artist studio- not sent out to be made offshore.
  • The result is an environmentally friendly process which emphasizes quality over quantity and supports talented artists working in small studios
  • Unique, hand made jewelry like this is only available at small boutique jewelry stores like Remarkable Things at Stowe Craft.
  • Hand Made in the USA.
  • You can feel good about wearing this handcrafted jewelry.

Protect and organize your jewelry with a beautiful handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box.