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SKU: 164464 On the Rocks Drink Chillers
On the Rocks Drink Chillers
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  • SKU: 164464 On the Rocks Drink Chillers

  • $55.00

On The Rocks Drink Chillers

Let's face it - most people enjoy drinking cold drinks and cocktails. But the problem with putting ice is the fact that it tends to dilute the flavor of the drink, leaving you with a watery taste and not the taste you really want. Want to know a nice alternative? On the Rocks chillers are the solution.

Reusable Stone Ice Cubes

These drink chillers are made of solid granite, which means no odors or odd tastes. They are also dense and scratchproof, which is why they hold the cold temperature extremely well. They are a huge improvement from ice because they offer zero dilution of your drink's flavors.

Best of all is the fact that you can use them over and over again... In it's own small way, using On the Rocks supports a more sustainable world, stepping lightly on the earth and conserving water.

All you have to do is rinse them after using and return them to the freezer until the next usage. No need to keep freezing water to get ice cubes that melt and water down your drink!

Stylish, unique & practical

Natural, unique and handmade in America from 180 million year old New Hampshire granite . On the Rocks drink chillers come with

  • 6 handsome solid granite drink chillers,
  • 1 hardwood tray and
  • 2 classic on the rocks glasses.

The solid granite has round contours and hand-shaped edges that allow the stones to swirl smoothly around the glass. It's the perfect set for home use and makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys cold drinks.

They are the idea chillers for sipping Vodka, Tequila, Scotch, Whiskey or any other spirit or wine you choose. You only need one stone to achieve the perfect coolness for enjoying a wonderful drink.

Size: Tray: 7" x 4 1/2", Ice Cubes vary but about 1" tall x 1 1/4" diameter, Heavy base, classic drink glasses 3" x 3 1/2".

Instructions: 1. Chill in freezer with or without the hardwood tray for at least 3 hours. 2. Place gently in your glass as you would ice cubes. 3. Enjoy your chilled, undiluted drink. 4. Rinse the ice cube stones and return to freezer for next time. Tips: Wash before using. Try using a few under a platter to keep dip or chilled Hors d'oeuvres cold.