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SKU: 361847 Stone Beverage Dispenser Bottle Stopper
Stone Beverage Dispenser Bottle Stopper
Purchase Stone Beverage Dispenser Bottle Stopper
  • SKU: 361847 Stone Beverage Dispenser Bottle Stopper

  • $19.95

You have a cobblestone drink dispenser, but do you find it difficult to get the bottle in? We've got you covered! Meet the stone bottle stopper- your saving grace from lifting a heavy rock everytime you want to use your stone beverage dispenser. Made from a sea-tumbled stone from the New England coastline, this universal stopper is super simple to use! Here's how it works:

1. Open your bottle and "re-cork" it with the stopper. Make sure it's nice and snug.

2. Carefully turn the bottle upside down while "corked" with the dispenser stopper and place the bottle in your stone beverage dispenser. Make sure that the cord and rock are dangling out from the back of the dispenser.

3. Check the spigot of the dispenser to make sure that it is CLOSED. Tug on the cord until you can see bubbles rising inside the bottle. This means that the cork has released and you can start to enjoy your beverage of choice through the spigot! Leave the dispenser stopper in place until you are done with the bottle and in need of a refill.

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