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SKU: hanna-house-chicken Hannah Hayloft

Hannah Hayloft
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  • SKU: hanna-house-chicken Hannah Hayloft

  • $138.00


Hannah Hayloft loves hanging out with the horses in the barn. She goes riding bareback and chews straw the whole time. She fancies herself a hide-and-seek champion, but if you can't find her, just check the hayloft.

Thisbirdsabsurd's House Chickens are the softest,  most snuggly and cuddly chickens ever made. They are perfect for hugging! These amazing birds are handmade in New Hampshire and are inspired by a real flock of chickens. Hannah Hayloft is made of luxurious white and tawny faux fur.

Approximate dimensions:

15" from tail to head
12" bottom to top in the center
15" from top of tail to bottom of chicken
About 8" wide