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SKU: COB_DOUBLEWFOOTREST Double Hammock Chair with Footrest

Double Hammock Chair with Footrest
Purchase Double Hammock Chair with Footrest
  • SKU: COB_DOUBLEWFOOTREST Double Hammock Chair with Footrest

  • $695.00
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The Ultimate Porch Swing

Enjoy comfortable, gentle swinging with your feet up or down in this great looking Double Hammock Chair. The ingenious, made in Vermont design has stood the test of time. We guarantee you will be proud to own it and pleased with its easy care and many extra features.

Why is this chair so comfortable?

Part of it is that every aspect of this porch swing is still made in the same shop run by the same artisan who originally designed it back in 1982. Nothing is taken for granted. Whether it is the selection of wood for the frame or the weaving of the seats, you can depend on the handmade quality.

The sturdy frame is steamed and bent by hand until it is just right. Each hammock chair is hand woven from the finest cotton-polyester blend rope and intricately laced into the gracefully curved oak frame. Durable solid braid polyester cord is used for the suspension ropes.

How about care & cleaning?

This hammock chair is meant to be outdoors. All you need is a little warm soapy water for the rope and occasionally give the oak a quick wipe with some furniture oil. If you ever have any issue with your hammock chair just get in touch with us at Stowe Craft. We are open 7 days a week and are stand behind every product.

Making the Cobble Mountain Double Hammock Chair

The wood used is local Vermont oak. The rope is a weather resistant cotton/polyester blend. This swing comes with a sturdy ceiling hook, a footrest, 1 headrest, 1 pillow seat and more detailed hanging and cleaning directions.

Cobble Mountain Hammocks will last a very long time. They are made here in Vermont with meticulous attention to detail. The double hammock chair designers, are Vermonters and they themselves still make all the hammock chairs in their own woodworking shop. The design is simple and elegant. The materials are top of the line. Cleaning is basic warm soapy water for the rope and occasionally wiping the oak with furniture oil.

Your porch swing - hammock chair is sure to become a family treasure.

Double Hammock Swing Features

  • Made in America
  • Proven Quality - Handmade in Vermont by the same artisan in the same studio since 1982
  • No tilting or sagging even with 1 person in it or 2 people of different sizes
  • Comes with 2 comfortable, outdoor headrest pillows tied in place and 2 larger pillows for your back or behind
  • The Double Hammock Chair can hold a total of 420 pounds
  • All purchases from Stowe Craft Gallery are guaranteed top quality and low price
  • Free shipping within the USA (48 states)*
  • The wood frame is long lasting, Vermont oak
  • The comfortable seats are a hand woven, weather resistant cotton/ polyester blend.
  • It is 4 1/2 feet wide
  • Swinging back & forth covers about 2.5 feet in each direction.
  • Our Double Hammock Swing comes with everything you need:
    • 2 sturdy ceiling hooks
    • Matching Footrest
    • 2 Headrests
    • 2 Pillow seats
    • Detailed hanging and cleaning directions.

Specifications for the Double Hammock Chair

This wide single chair has a capacity of 350 lb and has a luxurious and roomy feel to it. We call it a wide single person porch swing - hammock chair because it is 29 inches wide. Even a 6 + footer will be comfortable in it.

The Foothold suspends from the same points as the Single Chair and stores neatly underneath when not in use.

If you have any questions please contact us here at Stowe Craft by e-mail or phone. We are open 10 am - 6 pm 7 days a week. All our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

*a small surcharge may be needed for shipments west of the Mississippi, we will contact you for approval if this is needed.