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These times have been beyond anyone’s imagination. So much stress, so much unknown, so much  time at home. 

At home we’re getting to know our families and living with our stuff. My home is filled with handmade items. Beginning from my early childhood, I was taught at a young age to purchase things with quality and meaning.

When I put salad in one of my handmade bowls, I remember my mother making chopped liver in it. There are marks full of history and memories. Today I am stirring batter in my mothers bowl with a special spoon. I’m remembering when I met Jonathan Simons who made the spoon. He showed me the secrets of spoon making.

All my handmade objects, whether ones I look at or use, make me think of the stories behind each. It makes me feel so warm and complete hanging out in my home. I feel like I’m with so many people. I want others to experience wonderful connections like I have in my home. When I need to give a gift, I choose to give a handmade gift. It is not just an object, it is a story.

Bowl with Spoons- Marks - MemoriesToday, It is more important than ever to support artists. Many are struggling to make a living. They chose a more challenging lifestyle. Now so many are living on the frightening edge of financial survival.

Please gift handmade for the holidays.  From a handmade mug to a sculpture, it’s all amazing. Artists and craftspeople fill our lives with beauty, stories, and makes our world a better place.

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Susan Bayer Fishman

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