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Summer comes with many gatherings: graduations, barbecues, reunions, birthdays, and just plain Happy To See Yous. Some are traditional gift-giving occasions, and some become them just because you love the people in your life.

You want to give something special, something meaningful, something beautiful! But where to begin?

Take a walk through our Silver Seasons garden and find something that speaks for you.

Our Silver Seasons case offers many charming options no matter who is on your list. Each piece is styled after a plant through a molding and casting process. From the daintiest every day rings to bold statement necklaces, these botanical bits have hidden meanings that make any of them a wonderful gift.

Associated with mothers and motherhood, these African Violet earrings make a sweet gift for a baby shower, your own mother, or someone who has been like a mother to you.

Irish Blackthorn trees are believed to have protective properties and were even home to faeries in Irish folklore. This Irish Thorn bracelet is a safe bet for anyone who has a strong protective energy or needs a little extra protection.

Europeans in the middle ages believed thyme brought courage to the wearer. This Petite Thyme necklace makes a great gift for someone starting a new job or for a recent graduate starting the next chapter in their life.

Perhaps the meaning matters less than the inspiration. If your recipient is an art school graduate or a budding artist, look no further. Many Silver Seasons pieces are inspired by famous works of art. Your recipient can take a little piece of the museum with them anywhere they go.

Sunflowers have become synonymous with Vincent Van Gogh’s name through his paintings. His first major encounter with them was in Arles, France when they decorated his friend Paul Gauguin’s vacation room in 1888.

These Daisy earrings are inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s Yellow Hickory Leaves with Daisy. The painting is intended to hold the viewer’s attention, as will these earrings.

And of course there’s no shame in giving gifts based on aesthetics alone! There are so many gorgeous designs available, you’ll surely be able to find the right gift for your recipient.

This masculine Birch Bark cuff dresses up the wrist of the fashion-forward logger or landscaper in your life.

The Autumn Leaves bib necklace is perfect for your friend who just can’t wait for Autumn no matter what season it is.

Give a Silver Seasons gift and watch the joy grow. We can help you find the perfect gift for any occasion in-store or online.

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