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Stowe Craft Gallery is excited to present the new Vermont state lazy susan in partnership with Sticks Object Art and Furniture out of Des Moines, Iowa. For years we have offered Sticks pieces to our customers, and we are over the moon excited to have a lazy susan made by Sticks of our very own!

The amazing artisans at Sticks along with the staff at Stowe Craft Gallery teamed up to brain storm the perfect Vermont state lazy susan. Sticks has created several state lazy susans over the years, but most have been done for states in the midwest. But who can blame them, being from Iowa that is their bread and butter! So, we put our heads together and wanted to show all the beautiful seasons of Vermont on a single lazy susan.

In Vermont, the summers are short lived and there is usually snow on the ground (if we are lucky) for 6 months out of the year. While winter is not the prettiest to look at sometimes, we learn to cherish it here in Vermont. We embrace the cold, ski on icy trails better than anyone else, and love powder days. The spring brings on ‘mud season’, or when all the snow is melting. During this time of year if you’re navigating the back roads, be sure to have four wheel drive because you might get stuck in the mud! Spring also brings one of Vermont’s most beloved and well known export- maple syrup! Our summers are short but filled with fun times biking, hiking, gardening and taking in all the amazing Vermont wildlife. Last but certainly not least is the breath taking Vermont autumn! People flock from around the world to witness ‘foliage’ (when the leaves are changing to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows). The sights are stunning and we are so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place to experience fall foliage every year. Come October, the leaves are usually all fallen and the first snow has already come.

Sticks Vermont Lazy Susan

Sticks Vermont Lazy Susan













The center of this lazy susan proudly states “Vermont” along with our state flower and bird- the red clover and the hermit thrush. Vermont’s four seasons cover every inch of this lazy susan. The winter scene is filled with skiers, ski lifts, snow men and warm and cozy cottages and fires. The spring and summer are full of maple syrup harvest, flowers, gardening and of course, Moose! The fall foliage scene has apples, pumpkins, famous Vermont covered bridges and of course leaves changing colors.

So what goes into making a Sincerely, Sticks state lazy susan? They start with ideas- all our brainstorming and little details are swirling about until they start drawing. Rough drafts are created and then finally a pencil goes to wood. Each handmade lazy susan first starts with an artisan drawing on the surface of the lazy susan with a pencil. Then comes the painting, staining and burning. A hand stained, painted and burned lazy susan is created before any Sincerely, Sticks printed lazy susan can be made. A 28 inch final draft of the soon to be 18 inch lazy susan is created and used to be be copied for each printed Sincerely, Sticks lazy susan. Once they are happy with the result, the printing begins for the Sincerely, Sticks lazy susans and the rest is history!

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