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Have you been wracking your brain trying to host the perfect game night? Look no further than this clever Lazy Susan Cribbage Board by Sticks!

A true collector’s piece!

This multi-functional board is ideal for a two- or four-person cribbage game. Easily keep track of your score with the included pegs as you move around the board.

Feeling a little spicy? Spin the board to disorient your opponent! Every game night needs a little laughter.

And speaking of spicy, don’t forget that this is a functioning lazy susan! Put your chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, or veggie platter on this baby to feed your party. The 20″ diameter keeps players socially distant while they snack.

This is a really unique piece for any long-time cribbage player. Plus, it’s an heirloom work of art. Keep it for years on the table or hanging on the wall.

What makes Sticks’ art special?


Notice the subtle gradient in the colors.

Every piece by Des Moines, Iowa artist Sticks is handcrafted with utmost care. Therefore, no two pieces are ever the same. The wood grain, the blended paints, and the brushstrokes all dictate how the final pieces turn out. The process is simple but masterful:

  • First, pieces begin as a sketch on paper. This allows the artist to draw out a full world and space everything properly.
  • Next, a piece of poplar, birch, or driftwood is selected and shaped. These woods provide a light background to work on.
  • Then the sketch is copied onto the wood. Changes to the designs are made at this point.
  • Time to burn! The artist goes over the sketch with a wood burning tool. Thus, the piece has great texture and a clear image.
  • Next, the artist mixes up paints. As a result, the colors fluctuate throughout the piece. These custom colors provide vibrant depth to the scenes.
  • Finally, the artist coats the piece with a low VOC water-based polyurethane to seal in all that color and protect it against daily use.

So what does all of this mean for your lazy susan cribbage board? Endless game nights with no risk of damage to this incredible piece of folk art!

Don’t know how to play cribbage?

That’s okay! It’s easy to learn. At its core, cribbage is a counting game. You play combinations of cards in your hand trying to total 31. Successful combinations advance your peg along the board. The first player to score 121 on the board wins!

All right, there may be a few more steps than that. It’s a good thing these boards make excellent display pieces, too! 

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