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Wood Cribbage Boards

Enjoy the timeless game with new and fun boards.

A Brief History of Cribbage

People have long enjoyed cribbage for the same reasons we do today: it's easy for two people to play anywhere. It is believed to have been codified by 17th century British soldier Sir John Suckling. Sailors and fishermen especially took to the game as a way to pass time on their long voyages. Playing lucky hands in the game brought courage to naval officers and subarmine crews in the 1940s. Perhaps we can still find courage in our lucky hands today.

How to Play Cribbage

At its core, cribbage is a counting game. You play combinations of cards in your hand trying to total 31. Successful combinations advance your peg along the board. The first player to score 121 on the board wins! No wonder this game has endured the test of time.