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Known for his incredible Vermont photography, Jon Olsen has been a staple at Stowe Craft Gallery for years. From large framed prints, to his single smaller sized beautifully matted photographs, what he captures behind his lens is truly remarkable. 

Over the years, Jon has explored many different forms of photography such as black and white, color, different formats, films and printing processing. But, recently Jon has made the transition to a process of digital recording, processing and printing. This method allows for him the greatest creative control over all aspects of his workflow from the conception of the image to the final product.

Jon Olsen Photography 'Cupola'

‘Cupola’ by Jon Olsen

At first glance, Jon Olsen’s photographs of Vermont look like paintings. The colors are rich but show the essential simplicity of Vermont people, places and botany. They take on a painterly quality. So much so that at Stowe Craft Gallery, many visitors think they are paintings until they delve into the exhibit in more detail. What we fine most striking about Jon Olsen’s work is that each scene he captures are relatable and simple yet at the same time breath taking. If you live in New England or have traveled in Vermont you have probably seen similar barns and landscapes that Jon captures. What is different in the way that we see the scene and the way that Jon Olsen captures it is drastically different. With precision and unrelenting thought and execution of how he wants the photograph to turn out, he makes simple landscapes into masterpieces. We hope you enjoy Jon Olsen’s work as much as we do.

Jon Olsen’s work can be found displayed at Stowe Craft Gallery & Stowe Craft Design Center all year round. You can find a broad collection of his work on our website as well right here!

Birch tree stems by Jon Olsen photography of Vermont

‘Birch Stems’ by Jon Olsen


‘Cider Barn’ by Jon Olsen

'Fence Row Maple' by Jon Olsen

‘Fence Row Maple’ by Jon Olsen


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