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It is no secret that we are a fan of remarkable things; gizmos, gadgets, jewelry, art pieces, wall hangings, custom tables, and every bit of joy that catches our eye. That thrill of the unique doesn’t end with what we stock our stores with, it extends into this place we call home. If ever there was a place to call remarkable – It is Stowe, Vermont!

Remarkable Stowe: Winter Carnival

From top to bottom, Stowe is filled with all the charm and personality you would expect from a small town. One of our signature events, the Stowe Winter Carnival, is no different. Each year people wander through our streets, admiring businesses and general stores and restaurants decked out in glittering lights as the snowflakes fly by. It is a celebration of Vermont, our artists, our community, and our winter. This is one of the most magical weekends to visit Stowe and one of the highlights is the ice carving!

ryan fowler art print

Wall art features a range of artists including Ryan Fowler. Various dogs balancing beer on their noses will serve as inspiration for this ice sculpture option.

Ice Carving in Stowe

The Stowe Winter Carnival is always a favorite of both locals and those visiting. When the town bursts to life in the middle of the wintery cold, you’re going to notice. When dozens and dozens of glistening ice sculptures are made live and in person on every street corner, you’re definitely going to notice.

It is always exciting to have our very own ice sculpture to welcome winter joy and this year, we want to let you in on the backstage bit of fun! Not only can you watch the ice turn from a square block into a work of art, but we want you to help decide what it will be! We will be operating polls on our social media accounts so be sure to jump in on the fun. Learn more about the options below!

Ice Sculpture Option One: Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler is a phenomenal artist that we are inspired by every day. His art prints hang from our walls and hurry out the door with so many customers that fall in love with the quirky, wholesome, down-home feeling of his art. In honor of his work, our love for dogs, and Stowe’s craft beer culture one option for our Ice Sculpture is a Labrador balancing a beer on his nose! Check out more of his work

cj hockett wildlife photography

Photograph by CJ Hockett. This may serve as inspiration for this ice sculpture option.

Ice Sculpture Option Two: CJ Hockett

Another artist who continues to catch our eye is CJ Hockett. His wildlife photography lets us peek at part of nature that often moves too quickly for us to truly appreciate. One of our favorite pieces of his work is of a Snowy Owl taking flight. Wouldn’t you love to see that majestic owl come to life from a block of ice? See more of the work that inspired us

Explore Stowe this Winter

We hope you’ll have a chance to vote in the comments on Facebook or join our Instagram polls. If not, stay tuned for more information on what majestic sculpture will be made for us. All around Stowe you’ll be able to see the work of amazing artists and currently we are scheduled to have our sculpture begin at 2pm on Friday, January 24th. We will have sales, deals, and all kinds of fun happening inside so be sure to stop by and say hello! Visit our store online

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