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Shop our staff picks! These mugs were hand selected for their unique designs and qualities. Find your perfect mug!

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Eric Hendrick & Noelle VanHendrick

At Zpots Vermont locals, Eric and Noelle have been creating unique ceramic pottery for over 20 years. Utilizng the natural curvature of the clay as it develops, no two Zpots mugs are alike. The hills and valleys of each Zpots mug provides a unique drinking experience, there are many comfortable orientations to hold the mugs. Zpots feature words & images of empowerment and positivity, hoping to change the world through love. Zpots focus on sustainability, using electric Kilns & renewable energy to power them.

Bonnie Richter

Her handmade stoneware pottery includes mountain and birch tree motifs on bowls, mugs, plates, platters and tumblers. She enjoys a life out of doors and when she's not waterfall hunting in Stowe, she can be found in her studio amidst blue-green glazes bringing her vision of the Northern Lights to life. Each piece is something to behold and reminiscent of our deep connections to the natural world.

David Ernster

New Hampshire native David Ernster has been creating ceramic pottery his whole life. Creating pieces from clay & porcelain, David's pieces have an elegant yet rustic style & are dishwasher & microvwave safe. Find unique Ernster pieces you won't see elsewhere in our craft store!

Matthew Tell

Matthew tell has been making pottery for Remarkable Things since our early days. We were originally drawn to Matthew's work due to its natural asthetic. Matthew lets the kiln do the design work creating an organic look and feel to his pieces, with occasional flashes of blue & violet. Each of Matthews mugs are unique, no two will look exactly the same. As Matthew says, “I like improvising, letting the process determine the outcome. Wood firing fulfills this need because each firing is different and full of unintended surprises.”