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Todd Cummings - Forest City Design - Mountain Art Prints

Bring the beauty of Vermont's landscape into your home with these digital mountain prints by Vermont artist Todd Cummings.

Influenced by Modern & Historical Landscape Paintings

Vermont artist & digital printer Todd Cummings finds inspiration in Vermont's natural beauty. He’s influenced by modern landscape paintings and historic Works Progress Administration (WPA) posters and illustrated travel posters from yesteryear. His studio is conveniently nestled nearby in the shadow of Camel’s Hump. His goal is to share Vermont's charm & natural beauty in simple colors and clean lines. His giclee prints portray the most recognizable views of Vermont's natural landmarks like Mount Mansfield and Lake Champlain.

Honoring our Home State

At our Remarkable Things art gallery we love supporting Vermont artists who reveal a unique look at our home state. Todd’s studio name, Forest City Designs, originates from a favorite hiking trail on Camel's Hump. We love sharing Vermont with the world & Todd's prints reflect its beauty, outdoor lifestyle, and culture.

A Combination of Techniques

“My process begins with a specific destination or memory of an outdoor place that I love and know others have a fondness for as well. A mountain I have hiked, a lake or river I have paddled and fished, or woods I have skied or rambled.” ~ Todd Cummings

Todd’s post outdoor adventures include multiple sketches and views of what he experienced. Once satisfied, he simplifies his renderings by reducing landscape details then he applies a combination of techniques. In the field, he uses traditional tools of sketching, drawing and photography. Then at the studio, he digitally composes the scans using a powerful illustrative software much like one would use pencils and brushes. Once satisfied, he prints his work using a professional-grade giclee inkjet printer along with archival-quality paper and inks.