What a family Means Picture Frame

What a family Means Picture Frame

Code: sin8x10FR-What-a-Family-Means

Price: $124.00


This Sincerely, Sticks printed picture frame is all about family. This picture frame perfectly fits a 8" by 10" picture. In classic Sticks style, the picture frame boasts the following phrases- love each other, home sweet home, be your best self, cherish family, laugh, dream, play, celebrate inspire, grow. With a dark background of blues, greys and purples, the wood grain print is still able to show through. Icons of a house, a bird with a flower in it's beak, a moon, a heart with wings, a stripped arrow, and a flower are all around the picture frame. The full picture frame measures 15.5" by 13.5".

Each Sincerely, Sticks picture frame is hand printed and pulled from a Sticks original piece. Each frame is made in the same Des Moines, Iowa studio as Sticks originals.