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SKU: CAM_BREADANDOIL Bread & Oil Platter

Bread & Oil Platter
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  • SKU: CAM_BREADANDOIL Bread & Oil Platter

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The Bill Campbell's Studio Bread & Oil Platter is used to serve bread with dipping oil. The handcrafted platter is 13 inches in diameter. In the center, you will see a 4 inch center just for your favorite olive oil or other oil.

This serving dish is designed for function as well as beauty. It can be taken from the oven to the table and will provide many years of pleasure and service. The platter's glaze contains no lead or other toxic materials, and with proper care, you may use this serving piece in both your conventional oven and microwave. This platter is also dishwasher safe. Avoid extreme temperature changes by placing the piece in the oven before pre-heating. Do not place on electric burner, or open flame. Do not freeze.

Try our recipe below:

1 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3/4 cup of Olives. Try a colorful mix.
2 Bay Leaves
2 bulbs garlic
Fresh Basil & Oregano
Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper ( to taste)
Red Pepper flakes (your call)

Peel the garlic, keep 1/2 as whole cloves, chop the rest.

Heat 1/2 cup olive oil in a skillet on low heat.

Add the whole peeled garlic, 1/2 the olives the bay leaves.

Keep on low heat until the garlic begins to brown.
Add the fresh chopped oregano, salt, pepper, remaining garlic and olives.

Stir then add the rest of the extra virgin olive oil and red pepper flakes as desired.

Set your oven to 275 and put the skillet in the oven.

Slice your bread into pieces that will arrange nicely around the olive oil platter

Chop your fresh basil leaves

After the skillet has been in the oven for 5-10 minutes add the basil to the skillet.

Put the bread on a cookie sheet in the oven .

When the bread begins to toast, remove from oven & arrange it on the platter.

Then remove the skillet of oil from the oven

Spoon the herbed oil into the raised ring in the center of the oil & bread platter.

If you like, sprinkle sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste.
We hope you love this Bread and Oil Platter by Bill Campbell. It is a great gift. Made in the USA in a small studio and signed on the backside by the artist.
Buona Appetito from all of us at Stowe Craft!